One of the best places to live in the world, it’s official, Vancouver is always in the top 5 cities. I came here in 2007 from the UK and fell in love with the place. There aren’t many cities in the world with such a wealth of natural beauty.    Nestling between the Pacific and the BC Coastal mountain ranges residents can swim in the morning and ski in the afternoon. They can go to the IMG_8064opera, eat like royalty knowing that 10 kilometers will take them to pristine wilderness. Wolves and grizzly bears, Elk, Beaver and Mountain Lions set in the finest scenery that Mother Nature can offer and on a scale that has to be experienced. It’s a majestic scale that often catches tourists out. All too often they blithely hire a car and set off for Calgary planning to “do” the Island in the second week. You’ll see them at the airport, wide eyed and exhausted.


Far better to stay in Vancouver, use it as a base, we have it all but you have to pace yourself. The funny thing is that the locals go on vacation to Mexico and Hawaii, Canadian staples. When the world is beating a path to our door I think that we can get better value right here on our own doorstep. We raise our families and work

here so it’s not surprising that we look for a change but vacation time is precious and all too scarce. I think that we can get a lot more from Vancouver and so I’m going to start blogging on the subject. Let’s see what we can discover.


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