A US Odyssey – Understanding 21st Century America

The world is fascinated by the United States of America. It may be a love hate relationship but as arguably the last, greatest superpower nobody can deny the extent of America’s influence on the world. Everybody has an opinion about America and Americans, yet, what do we really know if we are honest? And what do Americans think about the rest of the world? One of the most common misconceptions about Americans is that they neither know, nor care about the rest of the world. Remember it is always easier to blame and criticise than it is to keep an open mind and go to the trouble of finding out for yourself. Being a superpower America is often the target for unfair and irrational complaint. That bellyaching all too often comes with a side of,

“We need more financial aid please.” All Americans are rich, right?

It’s all about perspective and your point of view. As ever the trick is to try and see things from the other person’s point of view, whoever you are. Otherwise it boils down to them and us and we all know where that goes.

America is complicated. Throw in race, religion, politics, capitalism, health care, war, education and the wealth gap and you have a seemingly incomprehensible cultural maelstrom. This is the United States of America! Perhaps it’s cultural diversity and complexity is the source of its power and vigour, who can say?

It is the wise person who knows how little they know and the wise person is always willing to learn. I believe that the more that the world knows about America the better and the more America knows about itself the stronger it will be. We have an opportunity here, the human race has never been so connected, let’s use our technology, let’s have some fun and learn something new.

So, this US Odyssey is a journey of exploration, literally and metaphorically. That American cultural icon, the Road Trip will shed light on the true nature of America and that of course means Americans. For it is the people that give any country its cultural, spiritual and philosophical roots. Americans are by nature a diverse breed but what is it that unites them? What binds them together, what makes the United States of America such a powerhouse, so completely unlike anything that has gone before? It truly is, still, a New World and I for one can’t wait to see more of it.

Come with me, let’s use our connectivity to good effect. Help me give this Juggernaut structure and form, let’s watch it evolve together. Go to the website, choose your media, engage.

See you out there.      http://www.usodyssey.com

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